Skin Cancer Treatment in Mackay

Skin Cancer — Surgical Care in North Mackay, QLD
Early diagnosis and excision is the most effective and reliable treatment for melanoma.
Success in the treatment of skin cancer relies on early intervention. Many small skin cancers can be removed easily under local anaesthetic as a day procedure.

How Often Should I Have A Skin Cancer Check?

The North Queensland climate makes Mackay a fantastic place to live. Unfortunately, that same climate increases the risk of skin cancer.

Depending on the individual skin type and sun exposure, a yearly skin check will help pick up any changes early and allow prompt treatment.

When you notice a spot on your skin that you feel might be suspicious-perhaps you have seen a change to the size or colour of a blemish-we would strongly recommend you make an appointment with your GP for a review.

A skin check looks for potential melanomas and other lesions that could represent early skin cancer.

When Is a Spot Atypical?

Doing your own skin checks at home is, of course, the precursor to getting it done by medical professionals. You should keep records (use your phone for photos) to track any suspicious spots:
  • moles that are larger than usual
  • have irregular borders (vs smooth)
  • that are asymmetrical
  • that are more than one colour.
Unexplained patches of scaly skin, wounds that don’t heal, or that heal and then come back, or discolourations could be causes for concern. These could be signs of melanoma.

Please contact us at Central QLD Surgical Care if you are concerned about anything relating to skin cancer.

Skin Cancer

A skin check, at least once a year, is recommended. Catching and treating skin cancer early, especially melanoma, is critical.