Breast Cancer Surgery Mackay

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Finding a new lump in the breast can be distressing.
Prompt diagnosis and management can help to quickly alleviate the distress.

While there are many different types of lumps, the most important thing is identifying those that need to be removed from those that are normal.

In order to assess your breast health properly, we would take into account your health and family history and do a physical examination of the breast.

We would likely order breast imaging such as Mammogram, Ultrasound or MRI depending on each individual situation.

If further testing is needed, a biopsy may be recommended to confirm the diagnosis.
If required, Dr Connors has experience in both breast conserving techniques and total mastectomy.

Dr Connors works in conjunction with the specialists at ICON Mackay tp provide complete Breast Cancer treatment without leaving town.

Doctor Connors works regularly with
Breastscreen Mackay to provide a surgical breast cancer service to the Mackay region.


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